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Installation issues

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Installation issues :

       First, check whether the original doorway horizontal, vertical , doorway size is appropriate, subject to bias and should be corrected. Before installing the need to set up at the wooden bricks , remove the old pink or lime , leaving the original brick or concrete walls . Prepare tools: a hammer , ruler , wood ( brick ) blocks , rope, pencil, wood doors Door , dedicated connection parts.
       Next , place the cap plate floor , with a special connector is fixed , then pull the vertical line correction size , side by side triangulation angle bracket . Located at the inner side of the brick wall and wooden cover plate coated with special glue , then cover plate into the doorway and correct position and verticality . The special plastic coated wood tiles , mats and wall cover plate established position , with a small wooden bricks and cover the nail plate fixation.
       Again , the installation Door Line : After curing , such as foam rubber (usually 2-3 hours ) , in addition to the tripods cap off the board, the size of the original inter- door line blanking, the cap will be painted with special glue groove , door after door line and gently knock fastening plate . ( Such as when the door with a loose line with the groove can be tight on the inside of the door with a wooden Pusey line ) .
Installation Steps
1 , assembled with rivets door .
2, the door hinge mounted door open hole , with the fixing screws vertically and horizontally fixed to the door frame of the doorway wall , attention should turn away from the empty position of the screw hole on the hinge .
3, according to the three standard size chart lock installed on the door hinge .
4 , open keyhole.
5 , installed doors .
6 , install locks , commissioning, check the overall effect .
7 , at the door handle and clean all spray foam sealant required gap with gun ( nozzle ) .
8 , in the slot position marked glass, plastic, plug in Door line .
Installation view
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