With their own registered the only one door manufacturer trademark evolved into new product development process, the recognition and support of our customers! We will continue to work hard to make more features, characteristics, selling products. Thank you.

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Peanutw Door Industry Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou
      Peanutw : commonly known as ( peanutw ) , peanutw to symbolize immortality , because it will always remain youthful life will never rot . Peanutw as a symbol of auspiciousness and joy , is a traditional wedding essential " highly profitable fruit" , meaning many descendants grandchildren , indicating two people in love forever, never separated , symbolizing perfection of love, life colorful ; symbol of longevity , more happiness , wishful peace and happiness ! Exquisitely refined , interesting people entrusted with peanutw good wishes for life , reflecting the traditional life of elegance , but also indicates fruitful , successful career . A peanutw , an apple , representing the life of peace .
Our intentions to build our brand , to provide customers with safety and environmental protection , practicality wood doors .
      We will import raw storage timber through a special way , combining handmade processes to ensure that the right time will be the most environmentally friendly wood doors provide security to the customer . This safe, healthy production methods to make our brand ( peanutw) always maintain its vitality. Advanced market concepts , but also for us to attract many outstanding collaborators.
      We believe that a good product is closely related to the design and procurement, sales. In ( peanutw) company , we are committed to supplier partner relationships and common development , and to thank them for their effort and effort.
      peanutw procurement staff around the world , such as USA , Brazil, Burma , Vietnam, they can quickly log information and doors design ideas at a reasonable price into high-quality products . Price and quality is the focus of our attention, of course we are concerned about market dynamics and to give timely response .
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About peanutw. Wood doors
       peanutw is China 's most potential manufacturer of wood doors , creating, founded in 2008 by private . Currently the business has covered thirteen countries, more than 300 employees work for the peanutw engaged in the production of furniture , wood , aluminum door production , development, sales and brand promotion. Peanutw. Wood door production base in Guangzhou Huadu production, wood door industry into China in 2013 .

Company Profile
      Peanutw. Wood doors wood doors focused on the value of research and creation. To the right , " wood ", " green" depth understanding and exquisite build quality in the world, it has become a model for tens of thousands of the top of the house . All products of choice in Africa , South America, Southeast Asia and other places of luxury large timber , product design rooted tradition of the times, drawing worldwide fashion classic wooden arts , leading to the door design , exquisite craftsmanship , as provide consumers with high quality, high art, high-value , high- valued , high personality logs enjoyment of life .
      peanutw brands are doors to the main products , but it has always been concerned about the trend of living environment . To meet the market demand for logs overall home improvement , the company will launch the second part of the program : Wood wainscoting, wood ceiling, wood wardrobe , wine and other home building materials, wood products , peanutw people always think that their social responsibility is to pass a cultural , so that enterprises in the social peanutw efforts to pass a home culture , in order to change the present backward decoration industry , to promote aesthetic , scientific living environment and make its own contribution .
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