What are the main types of games in 128Casino v2?
Slots Games
It is at 128Casino v2 you will be able to find a wide range of high quality, engaging, interesting and attractive slots games. At 128Casino v2 there are 4 main suites for you to choose from.

PT Suite
MG Suite
1S Suite
GP Suite
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Besides enjoying a pulling some shots on slot games, players will be able to play live casino games, featuring attractive and beautiful casino lady dealers. The following are the 5 suites for you to choose from.

GP Suite
MG Suite
PT Suite
Abet Suite
EG Suite
Who knows lady luck might work your way and help you win real quick. Never try never know.

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If you love sports, you will also love our sportbooks section.

Now you can enjoy the flexibility of playing sportsbook games from home, all you need is a laptop and wifi, having the comfort of gaming from home and at the same time catching over with the latest sports matches in the likes of Barclay Premier League, UEFA Champion League and many more sports available. Live betting is made effortless with instant updates and a wide array of games, delivered to players in high quality production and unwavering dedication in order to create the best online gaming experience.

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Isn’t it more efficient where you get to access the various types of games through your smartphone? Now you can play online casino games through your mobile also.

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128Casino v2 aims at providing the best online casino experience to all the the players in Malaysia and ASEAN region. Throughout the years as Malaysia Leading online casino, we have a good reputation in the best gaming and entertainment platform and experience.

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