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      peanutw attention to the effectiveness of staff integrity, diligence and action . When we need to make a decision , we will not waste time on ineffective meetings, an exchange in the hallway , a phones call or even a cup of coffee is enough time to make a resolution . Fulfill their duties and enjoy full freedom in peanutw work every day so spent. We believe that the best results will be those that focus on self- sustained development of employees.
      peanutw employment strategy is very simple - hire desire success, and have a common belief that people , give them space to fully develop their potential and to train them to become personally expect the best people . This strategy is based on human nature and nature, transcends national and ethnic boundaries , which is peanut able to successfully enter a new market, but also a driving force . If you accept this idea and are willing to join the team , maybe you're peanutw part of the future .
2014 Campus Recruitment
Trainee Program
      Peanut wood doors Trainee Program is for one of the important strategic talent development company . The program aims to develop and tap the development potential of the building materials industry has talent , so they accumulate expertise and experience in the depth and breadth , and to get a comprehensive understanding of business operations and the business culture in order to fully support the company 's global business peanut fast development.
      The plan for the company to sell various fields to conduct a comprehensive personnel training . Companies tailor a development plan for each trainee . Through job rotation in different positions , professional training courses, and a senior manager's job to accept guidance and personal counseling , training, students will be fully integrated into the corporate culture in which they operate and the department , and to lay an order to continue to develop their career solid foundation.
      The company expects the efforts of both sides , in the year after the completion of the training program , trainees are able to bear the important responsibility of the company 's major operating divisions .

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We offer you:
Rapid career development platform : a rich , intensive training program to quickly open pathways from school into a professional person who you
Major responsibilities: You will receive an important role in the practical operation of the various stages of the learning process , and play to their potential, adapt and promote the rapid development of the company Bestseller
Comprehensive training system : You can participate in the training of professional skills and comprehensive management skills according to your needs , excellent line manager and mentor , they will be your role model, help and guide your development
Interest and ambition : to discuss the company will train students in accordance with the interests and aspirations of training direction , interests and personality strengths is to determine the most critical factor in internships and job allocations across sectors
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