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Corporate Culture

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Corporate purpose

Everything we do is for one purpose only , that is, respect for customers , while customers get respect.
   Everyone should be respected. We were treated the way they want to be treated according to others, have behaved, not impose on others.
   In peanutw, we hope to focus on the humanities in their products , environmentally-friendly environment, a healthy way to regulate the production and processing . We also hope that the company 's business development , while not forgetting society. So we've put together in 2008 formulated the "peanutw Code of Conduct ."
   "Peanutw Code of Conduct " is not a new concept , it is in my top ten companies on the basis of creed development derived out .
   We sincerely hope you can understand our suppliers , our employees and our code of conduct , and thus deepen the understanding of the peanuwt .
Code of Conduct
1 meter - To clean dignified, stable and generous.
2 others - to be polite, pleasant, reasonable manner, keeping in mind their manners represents the man .
3 punctuality - . Punctual compliance, people skills are essential in order to Yinuoqianjin, strict self-discipline.
4 Efficiency - Taking the most simple movements, the fastest to complete everything .
5 quality - all that was my hand , regardless of the product or things are superb , delicate , elegant and convincing .
6 Specialization - study techniques , study of knowledge , excellence , endless.
7 diligence - diligent , conscientious, such as dropping water like work , life skills to people .
8 modesty - Pride loss, to benefit him . Either study or work, open-minded , that is, remove obstacles to the open road .
9 Solidarity - . Staff colleagues , daily coexistence and mutual understanding should be more polite humility, to sincere cooperation, solidarity together.
10 self - never in front of outsiders to criticize the company .

 Company credo
peanutw is based on trust above . We trust manufacturers and our employees. We offer free , as well as requirements. Trust , freedom and demands of our daily work three basic criteria. We encourage the majority of those employees are encouraged to grow together with us from start to finish . "
peanutw creed :
1 Integrity We are honest
2 We are hardworking industrious
3 We are loyal loyalty
4 Cooperation - Cooperation enables us to overcome all We are cooperative - together we are the best
5 We are business minded business thinking
6 results-oriented We want to see results
7 . Measures to simplify We want simple solutions
8 do not want to , of course We do not take everything for granted
9 to keep its promise We always keep our promises
10. The pursuit of excellence We want to be the best
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