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Doors must choose to buy waterproof doors
Published:2014-1-15 14:22:54
The doors are large home improvement , when we buy doors when the doors are often more concerned about the appearance , quality, and ignore the importance of the Door . When we moved into a new house with joy , some wooden doors already have varying degrees of mildew , and this is reflected in the current issue many owners , this is because they used some low-grade and processed without waterproof doors caused . As we all know , mold is the culprit of all cancers , the wood products to prevent mildew appears more and more people become concerned about the issue , and the generation of mold is because the space inside the water more reasons caused by the breakdown of the family environment moisture sources , often consists of the following five parts :
   First, the retention of water when mopping the floor .
   Second, the bathroom shower water spray .
   Third , indoor and outdoor hot and cold air vapor generated during the encounter ; especially the balcony sliding door or window cover will produce droplets ; addition, air conditioning and hot and cold air to warm encounter between the living room and the room will produce water vapor, kitchen and living room also has this phenomenon .
   Fourth, weather natural resurgence that moisture generated when the weather gets warmer .
   Fifth, the new home of the wall itself contains moisture. Building a new house is usually the wall moisture content above 40 %, while the doors of the moisture content is generally about 10% , the North-South strategy some differences .
      Consistent with the overall decoration style wood doors can be said to be home in the "finishing touch" of the pen, make a lot of home considerably . The most important to consider when you look and quality wood doors are optional .
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