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How wood doors with the overall home
Published:2014-1-15 14:23:24
( 1 ) . Consistent with home style
Because wood doors and decorative style is closely related to the consumer before the renovation proposal on which room in what doors have a clear plan in advance , modeling wood doors to coincide with the room decor . Home decor is mainly divided into Chinese, European , minimalist , mash and classical . If the decoration of the room is a European style, wood doors can also choose the best European , such as European-style carved wood doors and mirror each other shine .
( 2 ) . Contrast with the wall color
Many consumers in the decoration selected white wood door, but also white stucco walls , it will make the room a lack of vitality. Many families feel like minimalist white wood doors , but it might be a wall painted yellow, light blue and other colors , you may have a new feeling of space .
( 3 ) . Closer to the color of the furniture or the ground
After determining the style wood doors , but also consider the color and overall home color coordination . When the primary colors of light in the room , you can pick as white oak, birch and other cool colors of wood doors ; living room when the main colors for dark colors , you can choose , such as teak, Sapele and other warm walnut Department of wood doors . If the color choice is not too sure , just choose the color of the door close to the ground or furniture color can be.
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