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How to identify quality wood doors
Published:2014-1-15 14:24:00
( 1 ) . Clear lines of high quality natural wood doors
Clear lines of high quality natural wood doors , both sides of the lines and knots basic symmetry , but not necessarily exactly the same size . If not wood doors , but the doors surface mount wood paper texture due to too shapely and appears unnatural.
( 2 .) Can produce all kinds of carved wood doors
Wood doors can produce a variety of carved crafts , carved delicate and beautiful , three-dimensional feeling stronger. If the non- wood doors , you can not carved directly on the door , only to be made of solid wood applique , and three-dimensional realism will is weak.
  ( 3 ) . Clearly visible through the cross section of wood
Look sectional wood doors wood texture can be seen clearly , there is no trace of stitching . Solid wood doors low profile, internal repression by the wood residue or honeycomb paper into . While consumers in the purchase of doors sectional doors can not be seen , but the workers to open the lock and hinge when open , you can see the doors inside the material , in order to determine whether it is wood doors .
( 4 ) . Formation of a solid wood door edge
As the professional wood door manufacturers using modern machinery and equipment , the use of imported rubber sealing high temperature and pressure , the sealing should be smooth wood table outside firm .
( 5 ) . Feeling better quality heavy wood doors
      Because wood doors produced from a single piece of solid wood made heavier . To Ya doors Manager Lianghuan Feng told reporters , good wood door weight of 70 pounds or more are better able to reach 100 kilos . The difference between the weight is lighter than wood doors wood doors about half , consumers can open and close doors , with the feel judged .
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