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Top Asian leagues covered by sportsbooks

Top Asian leagues covered by sportsbooks

With world football accelerating at an incredible pace, Asia has refused to stand by and watch as other continents move on. In its quest to move in line with other continents, millions of dollars have been poured in the various leagues in Asia which has made it an attractive proposition for world football stars. Some of the top names in world football have found a new home in Asia including Oscar, Ramires, and Yannick Carrasco. As more people are now embracing Asian football, so too are sportsbooks including  casinobet.com which is now covering some of the top leagues in Asian football.

AFC Champions League (All of Asia)

The AFC Champions League includes teams from all around Asia, it is not limited to one particular country. The AFC Champions League or Asia Champions League is the equivalent of the UEFA Champions League in Europe or the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores in South America. Due to the fact that the top teams in some of Asia’s top leagues compete in the AFC Champions League, the AFC Champions League has become the favorite of sportsbooks with all of the matches in the AFC Champions League being considered.

A-League (Australia)

Australia’s A-League is one of the most coveted league by sportsbooks eclipsing some of Europe’s leagues. Australia hasn’t always been affiliated to AFC, it was a FIFA subdivision OFC before 2006. However, in 2006, Football Federation Australia joined Asia Football. Since the time Australia joined Asian football, it has enjoyed massive success with the national team reaching the final of the AFC Asian Cup while Adelaide United finished as runners-up in the AFC Champions League in 2008. It’s not only the top league, A-League which is covered by sportsbooks in Australia, other lower divisions such as South Australian Super League, Brisbane Premier League, Western Australia Premier League, Victorian Premier League, and NSW Premier League have also found their way onto the sportsbooks’ favorite lists.

Super League (China)

The Chinese Super League is one of the most popular leagues with punters. A virtual unknown league some 10 years or so back, the league has risen immensely largely due to the big monies spent by the Super League clubs in luring world stars. The influence of the Super League has been incredible as all top online casinos from as far as the US and UK have the Super League in the top five most betted on leagues in the world. Though the Super League has enjoyed massive success at various sportsbooks, the Chinese FA Cup which is the only other platform allowing online betting has not had much success. Other leagues in China such as League One, League Two, and League Three aren’t allowed to be involved in online betting.

J.League (Japan)

The J. League in Japan is not as popular with sportsbooks as is the Super League or the A-League but it is slowly gaining the traction it needs to become one of the popular leagues in the world. A small number of punters worldwide opt for some J. League matches when placing their bets but that is expected to change soon as more J. League are starting to embrace the idea of pumping more money into football in buying world stars something widely expected to boost the value and interest of Japan football.

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