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Understanding different poker variants

Understanding different poker variants
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When beginners here the word, poker, most of the time, they have a misconception in thinking that there is only a single game of poker. To the amazement of many when they finally walk into a casino or visit an online casino offering poker games such as online-casino.ie, they get to know that there are many different poker variants each with its own set of rules. As such, in an attempt to help beginners make the right choice when choosing which poker variant they want to play, here is some in-depth information on some of the poker variants.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Arguably, Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular right now. This variant is the most played at tournaments including prestigious tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. The game is deceptively simple, gameplay looks simple but to become a true master of Texas Hold em Poker, you need years of experience to learn the requisite skills. Players playing Texas Hold em have issued two cards face down, those on the left side of the dealer pay in big blind (equal to minimum bet) while those in the opposite direction pay in small blind (exactly half of big blind). The flop is dealt after the first round of betting with 3 cards face up from the community cards. A fourth card is dealt after another round and finally, the fifth or community card or the river is dealt after another round. Players thereafter will continue to bet until all the bets are equaled.


Omaha ranks second to Texas Hold ’em poker in terms of popularity. The game is much like Texas Hold em poker including gameplay with the major difference being that instead of players starting the first round with two cards face down, they start with four cards. This enables players to have more variety from the word go but it all culminates in the fifth round with the community card. To win playing Omaha, a player has to hold the highest scoring card.


Once upon a time, Stud poker used to be the most popular poker game but it has since been eclipsed by Texas Hold em poker. Stud poker has its own variants but the rules of Stud poker apply basically to all the different variants of Stud poker. The difference between Stud poker and Texas Hold ’em poker is that Stud poker has no community cards. From the first round, players are simply given cards, some facing up and others facing down. From this first lot, players have to start their betting rounds. The number of cards one is given at the start, whether facing up or facing down is determined by the Stud poker variant the player is playing. Common Stud poker variants include Mississippi stud, 5-card stud, 6-card stud, 7-card stud, and Caribbean Stud.

Poker terminology

Regardless of the type of poker variant you opt for, there is some common terminology which you should familiarise yourself with including hole cards (cards held by individual players), flop (the first three cards on the community stack), turn (the fourth card in the community pile) and kicker (the hole card used to determine the winner when there is a tie).

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